Holodeck Smart Room

We are delighted to present you our innovative Smart Room : The Holodeck.
With our smart VR room, you have access to the greatest AR/VR experience. Transform your entire room into a VR space and be able to dive into your world – it can be your future house, the prehistoric era, a museum, a trade show and even more – for a wireless experience !


  • Affordable
  • Wireless solution
  • Quick and easy device installation
  • User-friendly application
  • Compatible with any smartphone (Android, iPhone…)
  • Compatible with any VR headset (Samsung Gear, Oculus Rift…)
Holodeck Smart Room

Custom Plugins

The Holodeck can be upgraded with several plugins to improve your overall experience :

  • Kolabo

    Allows you to collaborate with people in remote locations or share visual point of interest.

  • Ikansi

    Watch what people are experiencing inside the virtual world on a separate screen.

  • Exium Gloves

    Haptic technology that allows you to grab, feel and manipulate objects inside the Holodeck (still under development).

Your Package Includes

  • 1 Server – Intel NUC mini PC
  • 4 Wall-mounted sensors
  • 1 Tracker for AR/VR headset
  • 1 Router
  • AR/VR Software