Beam Me Up is a Neuro VR Labs, dedicated to deliver next generation solutions, for optimizing content and human performances. Our team is composed of experts in Augmented and Virtual Reality,merged with experts in neuroscience and A.I.
As a service provider, we assist with VIP support and push the limits of imagination for content creators, Museums,tradeshows and events

BMU Labs is developing brand new AR/VR hardware and software solutions. The way how we think our products give us the ability to use and integrate products from many other manufacturers: Mira, Fove, HTC Vive, Samsung Gear Vr, Google Daydream Vr and many more.

Discover our solutions:

Download the product sheets: Virtual Touch, Cognitive Control Manager, Neuro ContentĀ Optimizer

BMU Labs has becomeĀ  a one stop shop for all your B2B virtual and augmented reality needs. We develop advanced and innovative technologies for unique and immersive experiences. Our customizable Holodeck – our smart AR/VR tailored immersive room – you have access to a huge variety of experiences, such as video sharing, collaboration, gesture control, brain computer interface, artificial intelligence, analytics and voice control. We develop augmented and virtual reality content and provide support adapted to your needs. We offer a complete range a metrics and analytics thanks to our Neural Manager system in order to optimize any content from audio, to video or immersive experiences.