The Mansion

3 floors of excitement.

Rent it or subscribe to our analytic service. Our futuristic and multipurpose spaces allow your project to take off.

1- The underground space

All emotional studies take place here.
You can rent the neural room or choose to subscribe to our analytic service. Our neural solutions work remotely (ie: from your event or company building). Find out more here.

2- The main set

In collaboration with Le Ministère, it is a place of broadcasting, experimentation and live performance where all the artists will feel inspired. Here, you will be able to present shows, showcases, conferences, business meetings, TV recordings, audition, make a launch, shoot a video clip or even organize any other type of event!

3- The lab

Our playground: VR headset, holodeck, arcade, AR kit and working stations, this is the place where your project rise.